RGB Flamingos

Went to Brew at the Zoo in Baltimore, had some beer, saw some flamingos. Made this from a picture I took two days later.



Some throw-away children's poems and a non-autobiographical bit of cliché.

The Death of the Elephant

The elephant's back legs waggled
as her front legs scrabbled
and her trunk groped
but ultimately she fell
off the counter-top.


Voila! I have made rainbow spaghetti!
A noodle for every bend.
You see there
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet.
The ones you don't see are infra-red and ultra-violet.

It was time to count the petals

The tulips stooped,
old women bent in half by arthritis.
Once-bright petals crinkled and brown,
proud stems hollow and folded.

Rings of white above the dingy water
counted off the last hot days of summer.

She had glanced at them
-a moment-
on our anniversary,
before displaying them in a vase
on a shelf
in the library.

I spent the next two weeks watching them die.


Che's passé

My friend Nick has a face for revolution and a voice for song. Gonna make placards and t-shirts, gonna change the world.


Presents to me

Tom Bihn Tri-Star Travel Bag with Absolute Shoulder Strap.


  • Utility
  • Converts to comfortable-looking backpack.
  • Sized for more conservative European carry-on requirements
  • Not as sexy as Saddleback Leather
  • I have a lot of bags already 

Saddleback Saddleback Side Pocket Duffel


  • Sexy and rugged
  • Carry-on
  • Not as practical as Tom Bihn
  • Price

Moto 360 Smart Watch


  • I've wanted a "Dick Tracy" watch forever
  • Can display and control phone, but also looks cool
  • Untested
  • Watch face is a little tall 

Paul Giraud XO Cognac


  • One of the highest rated but still cheap cognacs
  • Wanted to get into cognacs forever
  • Drink it and it's gone
Other options:

Cruiser bike$500-$1,000: + Sexy, exercise, - Cost, may not use

CNC/3D Printer—$500+: + Creativity, utility - Cost, so many options to research

A nice Scotch—$80-$200: + Delicious, - Consumable