Off to the other pennisula state.

Ugh. Here's another old one, one of my favorites.

It started in a city laid out like a grid, perfectly square houses placed in perfectly straight lines with perfectly straight roads running in front of and between them all. The houses were all a pale grey-tan, with no glass in the windows, doors in the doorways, or ceilings. They were all exactly alike, facing the same direction, a door in the middle of the front wall with two windows, one on each side of the door. The streets themselves were an irregular cobblestone the same color as the houses. Dark grey clouds hung low in the sky, and the shadows existed only on the insides of the houses, making them dark despite their lack of ceiling. The City appeared deserted, save for a large crowd gathered in an almost impossibly tight circle, as if it was not a group of people but one large entity. I was leaning against one of the buildings when they approached me, carrying signs saying "Save us From the Monster!", "It Will Kill Us All!", "Death to the Dino!", and other sayings. Somehow, from the indecipherable roar of the crowd, it became apparent to me that The City was being plagued by a rampant Tyranosaur, and they wanted me to save them. I didn't want to, but they cycled between begging and threatening me until I gave in. They cheered and vanished down one of the streets just as It appeared. I ran and it chased me, always exactly a house behind. Suddenly tired and gasping for breath I dived into one of the many houses and hid in a shadowy corner. Outside It roared. Finally I worked up the courage to peek outside and there it was running full tilt towards me, only a house away. I dove back into the shadows, but when nothing happened I looked back outside. Still one house away it roared yet a gain an ran towards me, but made no progress, unable to come any closer for unknown reasons. Reaching down for I rope I suddenly noticed tied in a loop at my waist I made a trip wire between "my" house and the one across from it. Testing its tautness I then ran exactly one house further and glanced back just as the Tyrannosaurus Rex tripped. It's stubby front legs were unable to halt its downward progress and its chin hit the ground with enough force to brain it. Immediately the crowd appeared, roaring and cheering. Expecting thanks, congratulations or rewards I approached them smiling. Just then they turned their "Death to the Dino" signs around to reveal "Save the Saurus" and they were no longer the frightened and tormented villagers but angry enviromentalists and animal rights representatives. They screamed and charged me, still running in a tight circle, and I fled. The perfectly flat streets and buildings slowly gave way to a rolling grassy meadow and the clouds dissolved into a perfect blue sky, the sun shining brightly. The crowd stopped at the edge of The City and released a bloodhound to follow me. Nose to the ground it traced my trail exactly, If I ran in a circle and then jumped away it would trace the circle the same number of time and hop to the next part of the trail. The meadow had taken on a funnel shape and to delay the dog I ran in circles for a few minutes before taking off towards the lowest point of the valley. In the center, for no logical reason, was a little cement mound with a manhole cover in it. Lifting it I dove inside before shutting the lid after me and discovered myself in a peculiar house. It was shaped like a cylinder with the three floors arranged around a spiral staircase which led from the manhole cover to the bottom. The top floor into which I entered was the master bedroom, with clothes strewn about and my father and a woman whose face was hidden by a pillow sleeping in the bed. Suddenly urgent I grabbed my father's wallet of the dresser and started rooting through it for money. My father awakened and I guiltily said that They were after me and I needed money for a cab. He said Okay and went back to sleep as I went down one floor to the Kitchen/dining room. I picked up a phone that was attached to the side of one of the cabinets and dialed for a cab, but did not listen or talk into the receiver. Looking out of a window in the kitchen I saw what appeared to be the grassy wall of a cliff, with numerous tunnels on its face. A road would come out of one of the tunnels and plunge into another, in and out in a complex pattern that seemed to make no sense. As I watched a checker cab followed the road, coming out and going into tunnels in a random fashion. Suddenly coming out of one of the lowest tunnels it followed the road to a place just outside the kitchen and I rushed out to meet it, though I noticed no door. Out stepped a teenage girl with spiked hair, hoop earings, black and white stripped stockings, and headphones. She tapped her foot and blew pink bubbles with her gum, waiting impatiently.
"Are you the cab driver?" I asked.
"No. The tape ran out." she replied, and then I woke up.

I'm off for a few days, so it may be a week or so before I post again. Road trip and all that. Wish me well.
Also, I love Miss Autumn and don't care who knows it.

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