Despite my ignorance of the arts...

From a cubist rendition of Family Ties in "Those that Bind," to a photorealistic image of John Tesh in "Waiting for Adventure," and even a traditional set of Japanese wall hangings depicting Edward Norton, no other modern artist shows the breadth or depth of Brandon Bird.

Surely his is a genius, for in "Bad Day on the High Sea," he describes the work—featuring a squid, a sperm whale and a Tyrannosaur in an epic struggle—thusly: "Here, raw sexual aggression is symbolized by the sperm whale, while the squid acts as a thinly-disguised metaphor for the multi-armed oligarchies of Rockefeller, Hearst, and Morgan. Their battle plays against the backdrop of the sea, standing in for--what else?--the vastness of the unconscious mind. "

The extent of visual poetry is impossible to encompass in words, for one must see "The Dreamer and the Dream," which Bird describes as "This is a picture of L. Ron Hubbard on the couch eating Funyuns and pizza. He's thinking, 'Mmmm, that's a lot of pizza!'" to truly experience it.

Bird is a god with oil and canvas. Peruse his art and save your soul.

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