Fueling my megalomania

Inspired by the “What Country Are You?” quiz, and a obsessive desire to control others, I have set up an account at NationStates. I suggest you do the same.

It is a game, yet a remarkably simple and unobtrusive game that takes about ten minutes a day and doesn’t have obnoxious sound or graphics (read: it will not appear to be fun to a casual observer). Based on a book titled Jennifer Government which I won’t describe because you can read about it on the site, NationStates lets the player set up his/her own utopian socialist state, dystopian fascist regime or anything in between.

You answer 10 multiple choice questions, pick a national name, motto, animal and currency and then a flag (I shall be uploading a custom one later). Viola! You have a country.

Then each workday you are posed with 1 issue (you can increase it if you prefer). You can decide on this issue as you see fit, or dismiss it entirely. The next day it is law and your nation adjusts accordingly, albeit in an exaggerated fashion.

There is no war or trade, so you don’t have to worry about some power user coming in and mucking things up. There is a United Nations, but you don’t have to join. All in all a nice little daily diversion to add to the list of news/comic/movie sites you check everyday when you get to work.

My country is The Republic of Kluver-Bucy, not to be confused with Gary Busey. It is named after a rare psychological disorder resulting in (among other things) oral fixation by way of confusion of indentifying food and hyper-sexuality.

Anywho, if enough of you join up we can move our nations to a particular region, join the UN as a group and wield our unwieldy wielding of power.

Oh, I forgot to tell you in the last post that a drunk gypsy woman turned me into a giraffe last night by—accidentally—when I stopped my car on the expressway to help her change the wheel on her gypsy cart.

Thankfully, the tongue and mouth of me and my fellow Giraffa camelopardali are extremely strong and dexterous, allowing me to type. More on that later.

P.S. Ladies, my tongue is also now 24 inches long. Just a fun fact to file away.

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