Tangents, links, and some porridge

Well my “I turned into a giraffe” story line is at an end, as it caused my girlfriend to believe I had cheated on her.

This makes sense, I assure you, and those who know me well enough realize how I promote odd and insane associations, especially with such phrases as “shot in the chest,” “short bus,” “Abraham Lincoln’s new electric cat,” “The” and “I have turned into a giraffe.”

And no, I did not do bad things. That would be crazy, crazy stupid and stupidly crazy. I love that gal Miss Autumn.

Anyway, on the left you see some links; some fun sites (join me in NationStates you bastards), my e-mail (stable) and my Amazon wishlist. No one is expected to buy me crap, but it lets everyone peek into the books, movies and music I desire enough to purchase instead of borrow from the library, rent from a video place or download illegally.

That’s pretty much it.

/me out.

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