You sunk my battleship!

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve ordered my very own copy of "Whisper of Espionage: Wolfgang Kohler and the Apes of Tenerife" by Ronald Ley. From there I will have to get various Kohler works, hopefully enlisting my very beautiful and wonderful girlfriend’s student access to U of M’s library, namely publications in various psychological journals. With various research materials for culture and dress of the locale and time period I will then do my best to transform Ley’s mediocre work into a passable screenplay.

For those of you unfamiliar with Kohler, he was a German gestalt psychologist who, according to Ley, was also a very successful spy during World War I. So successful, in fact, that no one even knew he was a spy until Ley was researching Kohler’s work many years later.

Being as how my subject was an eccentric fellow, yet frighteningly intelligent, I will attempt to form my screenplay to reflect the way “The Road to Wellville” treated Dr. Kellogg, but darker and with more monkeys.

All in all, the 98 cents I invested in the book shall not be too sorely missed.

This will be a step in my life goal of writing (if not publishing) something in every major format.

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