Yes, my ears are that big.

I've spent the last month or so creatively and imaginatively passive due mostly to my recent purchase of an Xbox and a NetFlix subscription. No recreational writing or drawing, though I did continue to sing incoherent and suggestive things loudly to myself in the car.
I've decided to change that though, and am attempting to design yet another incarnation of myself for the comic strip format. Preliminary character sketches in the form of wallpapers can be found here and here.
Those who have known me awhile probably have seen some of the half dozen other cartoony versions of myself, which ranged from shitastic to mind-numbingly conventional, though a couple were nifty and one pretty abstract. This new design has obvious influences, but I'm hoping that I have finally managed to discover my own style, even if it is frighteningly similar to that demon-bastard child of the art world: caricature drawing. Still, I'm glad I didn't over-refine it to perfectly straight lines and curves or regress entirely into utter sloppiness.
This is due more for a consuming desire to have an illustrated column ala Savage Love or Dave Barry more than a syndicated comic strip. I'm hoping I can realize this dream with a little help from my pending transfer to the County Line Reminder.
In a way it's a demotion. The Reminder has a circulation of 9 and I'll be replacing the second member of a two-person editorial team, since she is leaving to bigger and better things. The other staffer the editor-in-chief.
In the General Business Practices tradition, I was off-handedly told of my transfer after a routine meeting last week. Hilariously, the editor of the Reminder was not notified until it came up in a casual conversation about how panicked she was about losing, effectively, her entire staff.
Still, I hope that the 5-pager will open up new vista's for me as I'll doubtlessly have an easier time remembering the names of the one photographer and one ad person. Also, I'll have more responsibilities in helping layout the paper, though my pay will remain unchanged until I feel like complaining.

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