Forward, into the past!

I recently discovered that I still own ProductsOfAnIdleMind.com until 2008. I had thought the registration lapsed in 2004, and, as I didn't want to pay the much higher fees these days I let it die. Or so I thought.
Out of curiosity I WhoIs searched it to see if anyone owned it now, and, of course, I did. I didn't have access to it however, as the original registrar, DomainZero, had gone under and it had traded hands a couple of times since then.

Also, my contact email was my old college address, and as I can no longer access it, as I am not a student, I had an annoying week and a half of faxing copies of ids and email tag.

The folks at eHost, in Mass., were frighteningly polite and prompt throughout the whole ordeal, a Human responding within 15 minutes to every email I sent, even late at night. Eventually I crossed all my T's and dotted all my J's and now have access to it once again, though I am really only able to do redirects.

My friend owns a hosting service, however, and some good server space so maybe I'll move on in to a more personal cyber space.

Wa-chow. eHost was surprisingly non-evil. So here's all the props they'll get.

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