French Onion Soup Review: The Portside Inn


The Portside Inn, a nautically-themed bar known for closing early, offered me my first crock of French Onion Soup. The bar had been set, and high.

Presentation was great, a piping hot brown crock, real earthenware. The cheese was browned just so and spilled over the lip of the dish just enough to leave a crust that can be peeled off and enjoyed after the bowl is finished.

Now to see if the beauty is more than skin deep.

It was. A thick layer of cheese hid an almost opaque brown broth and thick, hearty onions. Neither too salty nor too weak, it was a challenge to eat it slowly enough to avoid burning my tongue. The croutons were soft but not soggy, and full of flavor innate and borrowed from the broth.

Overall, this dish gets an A+, for both presentation and taste held up time and time again, visit after visit.

Highly recommended.

The Portside Inn is located at 239 W. Washington St., Marquette, Michigan, United States.

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