French Onion Soup Review: Upfront & Company


Upfront & Company is a surprisingly classy (read: expensive) jazz/music club situated in the icy tundra of Marquette Michigan. While they offer good local and professional music, have decor and a never-ending flow of beautiful people, their FOS is sub par at best.

Presentation, for a bar pushing trendy as hard as it was, was appalling. The soup was delivered in what was either a very shallow flat bowl or a slightly deep plate. There was no cheese topping.

The broth was thin and salty, appearing to have been made with a bullion cube and an extra helping of water. The onions were limp and uninspired, far too few to justify calling this dish an Onion soup. The croutons were in fact small pieces of flaccid and dissolving rye bread.


Go to Upfront for the music, go there for the drinks, hell, even go there for the loose women, but do not go there for the overpriced slop they call FOS. D-, Upfront, D-.

Upfront & Company is located at 102 E. Main St., Marquette, Michigan, U.S.A.

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