I left just in time.

I sucked at softball on the ice last weekend, but found some delicious French onion soup and a massive bruise on my arm in the process.

 In other news, my previous employer and current competitor The County Press has been faced with a minor snafu. While it is embarrassing, the actual preventability of the instance and responsibility of the management is minimal. Some of the people that hire into running the presses at papers are just the sort that do a lot of drugs and other petty crimes. with the comings and goings of numerous paper trucks and vendors, it isn’t surprising it went unnoticed for so long.

What I find unforgivable, however, is how they handled the cleanup. They didn’t run any story until after the competitor (at the Flint Journal) ran their piece, and when they did, they buried a 250 story and didn’t mention the location of the crime until the end of the second paragraph. Embarrassing as it is, it is a legitimate news piece and to be scooped on something like this is a very bad faux pas. Not only that, but they headlined with a different drug story wherein a mother brought her son a syringe of heroine to school. Yes, hilariously stupid, but to make that more “important” than the crime literally happening at your back door is Nixon-esque.

If I still worked there, I would have pushed for a preemptive strike—professional news story like many papers dealing with scandal have done (recent cases of plagiarism and lies) along with a very well-thought-out editorial of the “We apologize, hope you don’t lose faith, and we’ll be doing everything we can to tighten hiring practices and security” variety. But they didn’t do that. They didn’t even include comments from their own editor or publisher in their little side-story.

Bad show.

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