Quotes of me.

At first I thought posting quotes of myself would be unbelievably arrogant and obnoxious. And then I realized: This is LiveJournal, that’s the point.

So here are a few quotes from the last week:

Autumn: What did you think of Stomp?

Me: I liked it.

Autumn: It wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I wish they would just talk, instead of miming everything.

Me: I think that was on purpose. To emphasize the sound they made without using their voices. I think that was the point.

Autumn: I didn’t like that part. It had no story.

Me: Well, it wasn’t called Talk. Maybe next year I’ll take you to go see Monologue: The Musical.

(Talking about Lent).

Autumn: We (Baptists) don’t have to give up anything because we aren’t as fat as you Catholics.

Me: That’s because, as everyone knows, you burn more calories being self-righteous than you do feeling guilty all the time.

Co-worker: You want to talk to officer, officer, um, officer . . . Oh golly . . .

Me: Ah, another Irish cop.

Intern (watching video of me getting tasered): Why are you lying on the mat?

Me: Because I fell down.

Intern: Wow, was it really that bad?

Me: Yes, awful.

Intern: Then why did you do it?

Me: Because I am ridiculously stupid.

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