Valentine's Weekend

Tried to treat the wife to a whirlwind romantic weekend in Detroit.
The stops:

4 1/2 star Italian restaurant Roma Cafe'. Oldest Italian restaurant in Detroit, the owners refused to move after the surrounding neighborhood went to pot, the result is a questionable looking establishment with bars on the windows in a terrible neighborhood, but on the inside a truly classy joint (old male waiters in tuxedos) featuring old-style cooking and almost instantaneous service.

Dirty Detroit erotic art show. Paintings, sculpture and photography, not to mention a cash bar, 1950's porn and topless waitresses. Strangest mix of people I've ever seen.

Baker's Keyboard Lounge, oldest jazz club in the world. The best music I've heard live, with great food to boot.

"Rock n' Roll is about sex, plain and simple. Rap is just about fucking; crass but to the point. But jazz, baby, jazz is about making love."
--said by a drunk me

And then the Pontchartrain Hotel.

Some pictures here.

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