More wife quotes.

Wife (in regards to her kicking my ass at Karaoke Revolution):
It's just because I know the words. It’s not I sound good.

Me: Great. I got my ass kicked by someone who can’t even
speak “good”.

Wife (angry at Xbox not intrinsically knowing her desires
and acting to fulfill them): I put the movie in, why isn’t it playing?

Me: You just took the game disk out and put that one in without
shutting it off, rebooting, or even quitting the game.

Wife: Yeah, it didn’t like that.

Me. You have
to restart and then put the disk in.

Wife: It should know.

Me: Yeah, in high school I was always putting my calculator
on top on my math book, but my homework never got done.

Wife: That doesn’t make sense.

Me: My point exactly.

Wife (to Stef, who refused to sing): Don’t make me kiss you.

Wife (message left on my voicemail): Hello love, this is
your beautiful wife. . .

Me (letting my girl dog Steve back in the house): She was
out there a while, I hope she didn’t get laid.

Wife: I don’t think she’s in heat. Are her girl parts

Me: That’s none of my business!

Wife: You mean when we have a daughter you won’t. . .

Me: Arrrgh. (fingers in ears) Gross gross gross gross gross.

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