Give me material.

I have decided to try and read and record a short story onto mp3. I need suggestions of what would be good source material. This is, I hope, the first step in me being one of those books on CD guys.

Just so you know, I'm not suggesting this completely on a whim. I have done voiceover work before, announcing for live events, television announcing, and worked for public radio as a news announcer for a local station. I have taken courses in diction and linguistics and have a good solid radio voice. I'm no James Earl Jones, but better than your average Squeaky McPuberty.

As this is just to see if I and you guys enjoy it while giving me a good workout, I'd like something in the vicinity of 20-30 pages. Nothing with crazy alien names that fanboys will bitch me out for mispronouncing either. Also I'll need some slack, as I'm a tad rusty and don't have a professional studio (though I still have some software and remember a little stuff from when I was a sound engineer).

My goal would be to do recordings of college texts for the disabled or visually impaired, get karma points, money and a free and varied education.

I'm also thinking of doing audio versions of websites that update regularly, such as blogs, news sites, etc., but I'm really not sure yet.

A sample of me reading can be found HERE.

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