Goodbye ducks.

Our ducks were killed last night by a husky from down the street.

We normally put them in a small, lit cage near the door when it gets dark, but last night we procrastinated as we had friends over. But as Mike and Stef were leaving, the dog pushed jumped over the fence and attacked the ducks.
He seemed the happy go-lucky sort, and I don’t blame the animal. Juneau had one of those electric fence collars—his owners probably were two stupid to realize the batteries had died.

We tied him up to a post last night with a dog chain, and I assume the owners heard him barking some time in the night because he was gone in the morning, the chain not broken but unfastened.

According to the law, outside of small claims court, there isn’t much we can do. Without the dog in possession we can’t prove it, and all the owners get is a ticket for an expired dog license. Laws for animals attacking other animals are full of loopholes and there isn’t much you can do.

So yeah, last night sucked.

Update: The owner came over, a child psychologist. He did come get his dog early this morning, and he seems an alright guy, more heart than brains type. Rescues huskies from shelters and currently has four. Gave us some money and, with no sense of irony, a Duck Xing sign he painted himself (paints all manner of little wooden signs as a side job). Autumn is still pretty sad, but we're not the sort to add Greed to the stages of loss.

Our days as suburban agrarians are over for now.

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