I am filled with hate.

This week I hate:

  • That Fancy Feast commercial with the woman doing Yoga, which is
    very trendy because this is the 80’s. I hate it because of the line “Is
    it love, or is it Fancy Feast?” Poor cat woman, alone, practicing her
    yoga, isn’t even loved by her cat.

  • Going to the fax machine and finding information from AARP. No
    matter who I give it to they will be insulted, but I can’t just leave
    it there or I’ll get yelled at.

  • Some random woman named Jennifer, except she spelled it “Jennapher”.

  • My own crushing lack of ambition.

  • Secretaries and receptionists who are rude.

  • Lack of air conditioning in my car.

  • My car in general.

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