A bathtub filled with brightly colored machine parts.

Anyone who really knows me knows I love surrealism, either because I told them or they figured it out. I'm not talking Salvador Dali posters either, nor even specifically the visual arts. What really gets my gander is surrealism in literature and humor. Their is a very real difference between pointless nonsense a good bout with a mind twisting surrealist joke. I try to model my own flavor of humor halfway between bitter cynicism and unintelligible surrealism.

Anyway, I'll save the "I love Surrealism" rant for another day.

This is what I wanted to show you:


This love of surrealism puts me in the realm of the Danes and French, who love surrealist humor.
Americans and Canadians mostly love jokes at the expense of others (White people be all like "Ooo OOOo" and black people be all "AAaa AAaa"). Most other English-speaking nations (UK, Austrailia, etc.) like puns and wordplay, save for the wonderfully surrealist "Monty Python".

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