Possible T-Shirt Design

The website I'm looking at deals with vector images and high-quality printing, meaning the pictures will look crisp and delicious and also the purchaser can customize all colors, sizes, placements etc.

Give me some feedback one what this needs to be more awesome. Also, Construx rule.

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rminard said...

I think the "No" symbol needs work; the line should be a little thicker.

The connector nut-thingamajob could be a bit clearer.

Move the text up (or no-nuts symbol down) so it overlaps the no symbol a bit (I'm kinda picturing a sun rising over a horizon-ish thing going on).

It'd be kind of funny if the text was built out of Legos, the anti-Construx! But then again; nobody knows what Construx are anyways.

Of course, this is all coming from someone who's expertise in art stems from a class in high school where I spent a semester making a horrible (or horribly awesome) movie about a beer helmet; Take my comments with extra salt.

Have you ever checked out Threadless.com? They do a similar thing with t-shirt designing.