Childhood pictures in no particular order.



rminard said...

I'm not very impressed with that Care Bear either.

Is it a Care Bear? It looks like it might be a Care Hamster or something (bulging cheeks storing food for later, or something).

Sally Gerlitz said...

Glad to see you heard from your Dad.
Please, please tell Byron to contact me...it's been ridiculously too long. Why so hard to find? He was like a kid brother to me.
I miss him and his wise-ass attitude.
We are not getting any younger.
I'd like to meet up with Byron on Second Life. Let's dance!
He can google me, everyone else does.
PS If he's angry with me for some reason just tell him that I'm only human, and still adore him.

Anonymous said...

And why so little became such interesting blogs, thank you!