Commissioned Art #1.

An art student was doing cheap commissions, so I got this for myself for Christmas:

(click for big)

His name is Jonathan Tiu, and he can be found here.

The next commission (hopefully for my birthday) will be in the style of Joseph Ducreux, or possibly "Jeremiah Crossing the Alps", keeping yet another art student in microns and Ramen.


Tysen said...

Sweet, I've been trying to get cheap commissioned art work done for me and no artists are biting. How much was it and did you just email him or was his offer posted on a site somewhere?

Jeremiah Britt said...

I found him trough the SomethingAwful.com forums. One of the members-only subforums is SA-Mart, a kind of craigslist but with less hookers.

Every month or so a different artist seems to advertise stuff, from photos to commissions. Another artist just closed a similar thread--if it hadn't been so close to this one I would have gotten another. I want as many from as many different artists as possible, for my future planned library.

EDIT: I'm sure you could just email him and find out what it would cost and if he is available. I got in on some SA Christmas deal, so it was $80.