Let's Fail

Fixed up old website that was on a domain that expired. Should mostly work.
Circa 2007 it was actually popular for a very niche crowd; got ~1 million page views one month (South Korea loved it?). I let it die because as it got more popular I couldn't keep it accessible enough for anyone to contribute easily and keep out bots/spammers who wanted to fuck my shit up.

http://www.productsofanidlemind.com/letsfail/ DEAD

From the about page:
...members play classic games for the first time, with no previous knowledge of the controls, storyline, etc. Comedy and frustration would ensue and be captured in all its audio-visual glory, in a kind of gamer-nerd-rage MST3K.

This was the most work I ever put into customizing a wordpress theme's art. There are sprites from over a dozen games on the header and footer. And it still looks like ass. This is why I am not a Graphic Designer.

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