Commissioned Art #2 and Errata

Velvet? Check. Droste Effect? Check. Smarmy? Check. Creepy? Check. By Jeremy Kraemer.
This is a low quality cellphone photo, which will have to do until Autumn lets me frame and hang it (a year and counting). It has everything I want in a portrait, and nothing Autumn wants.

Since it took me so long to post this, I'm including some other commissions from over the years, although I didn't pay for all of them.
High School Graduation All-Night Party,
circa 2000 by guy they hired.

We used to make a game of coming up with ridiculous
methods of killing yourself. Circa 2001, by Pete Deyo

I told Autumn how disturbing I found the phrase
in the caption to be. Circa 2005 by Autumn Britt.

I asked for a "Realistic TMNT" fight and specced it
out. This is pretty close. Circa 2009, by Zack Finfrock

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