Eat Sign

Last summer, Autumn really wanted an "Eat" sign for our kitchen, specifically this $30 one from Etsy:

Looking around, I found a few signs in the same font from various stores, including a red one on Amazon for the same price at half the size and made of metal. I hate spending money and have scrap wood, so I made her one myself.

I made the outline in Illustrator, printed it out in parts on multiple sheets and lightly glued it to the wood. The Black & Decker jigsaw I have has an interesting feature where the blade comes out of the thing every thirty seconds, so cutting was time consuming. The real challenge was the 'a'-hole (heh) and the top notch on the 'E', but I just drilled and then Dremelled those out. I used glossy black paint and didn't waiting long enough between coats, but the thing is high enough on the wall that you can't really tell.

The only other thing that annoys me is the fact that the letters are ever so slightly out of line, so the sign sits a little crooked on top of the window, but the italics and position help hide that as well.

Autumn loved the sign, I was able to make it the perfect size for the space, and I got some basic practice using the jigsaw. We haven't taken it down since I put it up last June, so it's inoffensive enough to stay. However, the time, annoyance with mediocre tools, and the $10 little thing of paint I had to buy probably put me behind. I'm glad I did it, but if I had to do it over again I'd just buy the thing.

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