How I've spent the last 33 years



Before Audible, I have almost no ability to track how many books I've read or how much time I have spent reading them. I do know that when I was 15 or so, I traded over 1,200 novels (mostly pulp sci-fi, mystery, and other low-calorie fare) to The Neverending Story used book store for credit. I know I'd read more than that at the time because of bi-monthly trips to the library, as well as that being my second large purge. During the summers of middle school and high school I would average 2-3 novels a week, sometimes reading a complete book a day. My reading speed also fluctuates, and got much slower after college and learning how to read critically. Unfortunately, my gluttony for the printed page means there have been multiple instances where a person or online algorithm will suggest a book and I will get 2/3rds through it before I realize I've read it before.

Just Audible listening time: 47 Days, 12 Hours


I love movies. Bad movies with/without Rifftrax, good movies, old movies. Any movie based on a comic book (From Guardians of the Galaxy to History of Violence), Korean Horror/Thrillers, etc. All movies all the time. I can't remember all the movies I've seen, but I've tried to keep my Netflix updated with ratings for any movie I see there, in cinemas or elsewhere. Unfortunately, even Netflix's excellent customer service couldn't tell me the total run time of all movies I've rated, so I had to export and try to import into IMDb, which lets you export a csv with this and other data. While I'm sure two days of this is just credits, hopefully it helps cover the films I couldn't remember or find.

Estimate using IMDb: 121 Days, 13 Hours


Tried to flesh this out with anything I was certain I saw a complete season. Innumerable shows not tracked as I have no idea how many episodes I saw of Hey Dude, Inspector GadgetSuperTedMighty Max, etc.

Estimate using Tiii.me: 173 Days, 11 Hours

Video Games

NES, N64, GameCube, Wii, Sega Genesis, DreamCast, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox 360; a series of computers and games including everything from Commodore 64 classics like Maniac Mansion to text adventures to Steam. I love video games, and it is the pastime I am most conflicted about, as I can see wishing I had seen more movies, or read more books, but I can't imagine I would able to say "I wish I'd played more video games" without a fatal overdose of chagrin.

Verified playtime:

Steam: 43 Days, 22 Hours


There is no way to know. Even removing songs played in the background of bars, car trips and movies that I ignored, I have no idea. I do know that I had enough music to play continuously for several (3+) months without repeating, but that was in the early aughts when Napster was the wild west of music piracy and I downloaded not merely a lot of German boy bands (just because), but also several day-long electronic mixes from raves and music festivals. If I was to guess, I'd say at least a tenth of my waking life has been spent with music, and I've actively listened (just sat there and listened, staring at the wall) to hundreds of albums worth of songs, often multiple times.


Hahaha. All the time. I'm on it right now.